Commercial Property Insurance

Get commercial property insurance to cover the costs of repairing (or rebuilding) your business premises, replacing equipment or stock.

What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises. Additional coverage includes replacing your equipment or stock.


There are two types of this insurance:


  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance


These can cover you for risks such as burst pipes (and the escape of water), falling trees, fire, flooding and storms.

Commercial property building insurance

Property commercial insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises if damaged or destroyed.

It isn’t a legal requirement. However, it’s good business practice to have a policy. The cost of repairing or rebuilding your buildings could be prohibitive without the relevant cover in place.

If you rent your premises, buildings insurance is your landlord’s responsibility. Yet you still may consider taking out contents insurance to protect your assets.

Business interruption insurance

Additionally, you may wish to get further coverage. Business interruption insurance covers you if you can’t do further business due to an unforeseen event that damages your business or assets.

This covers shortfalls in pre-tax profits resulting from an event and increases in costs from running your business due to the event. 

Who needs commercial property insurance?

Businesses who own their property, or rent from a landlord, should ensure this insurance is in place.

Property owners letting to third-parties for commercial use should also ensure they have commercial property insurance

If you don’t, and your property is damaged or destroyed, you will have to pay in full to restore or repair your building.

How much is commercial property insurance?

Because many factors can impact on the cost of your commercial property insurance, the help of a specialist broker like Radius Insurance Solutions can be invaluable in obtaining suitable cover. Speak to us about your specific requirements.

The cost of cover can vary considerably, dependent on factors including:

  • The location of your premises.
  • The rebuild costs.
  • The type of business run from the premises.
  • The number of sites you wish to cover.
  • Any proximity to areas liable to flooding.
  • The security measures at the premises.
  • Your claims history.
  • Any other factors that would impact on repair or rebuild costs.
    For contents insurance, the value of any stock.
  • Any periods where the property might be unoccupied.
  • For contents, the replacement value of stock and equipment to be covered.

The benefits of commercial property insurance

  • Cover the cost of property damage
  • Additional business security
  • Protect your business’ assets
  • Get peace of mind

Get a commercial property insurance quote

If you have business property, commercial insurance is the right step for your interests. It protects you from potential enormous costs in the event of damage to your premises.

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