Public Liability Insurance

Secure peace of mind and protect your business interests with public liability insurance.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers your business for legal defence and compensation costs following an accident or incident resulting in third-party injury or loss.

Any size of business can take out this insurance. Without it, you could be liable for the cost of defending and settling claims made against your business.

How does public liability insurance work?

Once you have this type of insurance, you receive protection for claims made by members of the public for alleged injury or even fatality in relation to your business activities. This could be as simple as a customer tripping over or slipping on your premises, through to serious health and safety issues.

With this insurance, you can get help with cover for your legal costs and any compensation.

What is the cost of public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance starts at around £100 per annum, but costs can vary considerably depending on the nature of your business.

The best course of action is to request a quote from a broker like Radius Insurance Solutions, who can evaluate what you do and ensure you have suitable levels of cover for the exposures your business faces.

Should you get public liability insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement for any business in the UK. However, it’s good business practice to protect your interests in the event of incidents involving members of the public.

By insuring your business, you can protect your finances and reputation and gain assistance with third-party claims when you need it most.

Benefits of Public Liability Insurance

  1. Helps cover the cost of claims and legal fees for injury claims from members of the public.
  2. Up to £1m, £5m or £10m of cover included, with higher limits available upon request.

  1. Cover for personal injury or property damage in relation to your business activity from members of the public.
  2. Combine cover with employers' liability in one package of cover.

Get public liability insurance

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There are several providers to choose from across the UK. To ensure you get suitable cover, your best choice is to let insurance experts do the research for you.

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