About Radius Insurance Solutions

For over thirty years, the Radius group has helped businesses get more from their fleets, initially as pioneers in transforming the value offered by fuel cards. We have since extended our support across a broader spectrum of business needs, developing telematics, telecoms, vehicle solutions, and insurance departments.

We understand how crucial vehicles are for businesses and that insurance protects them alongside both the drivers and the earning capabilities they deliver. Our dedication to finding the best cover for businesses’ needs means we work with a panel of over 120 insurers to exploit the market on behalf of our customers. We do this to drive down the cost of premiums alongside the impact claims can have.

As part of the commitment to ensuring a complete fleet service for our customers, we looked to bolster our expertise to deliver market-leading solutions within insurance. We acquired The Burley Group in August 2020, which for over 60 years has supplied bespoke solutions for a wide range of fleet customers. Find out more about Burley Insurance Group.

We followed that up by welcoming taxi and fleet specialists Milestone to the family in September 2021. Their experience in helping smaller businesses get more from their insurance is crucial to our offering. We combine the shared experience of both companies to offer vehicle using businesses a much more robust suite of insurance options. Find out more about Milestone House Insurance.

  • Established in 1990

  • Turnover £3 Billion

  • Operates in 18 countries

Part of the Radius Payment Solutions group

Radius is a global business services company that operates in 18 countries across 5 continents with offices that stretch from Melbourne, Australia to Huntington Beach, California.

The business was founded in 1990 above a hair dressing salon in Holmes Chapel near Manchester and now has 20 UK offices that service more than 100,000 customers across a complete cross section of business types and sizes.

Having started as a fuel card company selling diesel to transport companies we now have 6 core divisions that provide products and services including Telecoms, Telematics, Insurance, Vehicle Leasing, EV and much more. Our aim is to provide a package of best in class products supported by cutting edge technology and combine this with excellent value and leading customer service.

With a turnover of more than 3 Billion pounds Radius is one of the largest and fastest growing private companies in the UK and regularly features in the Sunday Times TOP TRACK 100 awards.