Radius Insurance Solutions

Get instant quotes from industry-leading insurers, and additional support for your business from internationally renowned Radius Payment Solutions.

Our history

Leading Irish insurance broker, Keystone Insurance, became part of Radius in 2021, and is now trading as Radius Insurance Solutions.
Radius Insurance Solutions is part of Radius Payment Solutions, in operation since 1990. It is a business enterprise immersed in markets across the world.
We’re an ethical and sustainable business with a focus on helping global small, medium and large organisations gain continued success through our unique set of business solutions.
As the world is changing faster than ever, it is our commitment to providing the B2B market with solutions allowing for growth and success in a challenging global market.

The benefits of business insurance

  • Help to cover the cost of claims and legal fees.
  • Get additional business security.
  • Protect your business’ reputation.
  • Secure peace of mind.

Why choose Radius Insurance Solutions?

We liaise with industry-leading providers to find you suitable cover for your business. Our service is designed to offer your business tailored insurance matching your needs.
And Radius Insurance Solutions is part of the internationally renowned Radius Payment Solutions, with a focus on best-in-class sustainability in business, connectivity and technology solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Shop the market

As an insurance broker, Whichever insurance is best suited for your business, we will provide advice and help you search for a quote that matches those needs. 

Get insurance for your business

Get an insurance quote for peace of mind and the coverage your business needs. To make sure you receive appropriate cover, your best choice is to let insurance experts do the research in consultation with you. Compare our panel of Irish insurers now to find your quote. 

Not sure which cover you require?

Contact our team to get expert insurance advice. We’ll talk you through your options and direct you to the coverage that suits your requirements.