Property Insurance

Don’t take your chances, take insurance. We provide competitively-priced property insurance for property owners of all kinds, from business owners to landlords or real estate agencies.

What is property insurance?

Property insurance is a broad term referring to a collection of policies that protect the physical premises, goods or equipment of your business or home against theft, fire or other risks. Whether it’s your business property or a property you rent or occupy yourself, you need property insurance in place. 

We can help you find the property insurance policy that helps cover the risks you face. 

What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance covers the costs in case your business premises need repairs or rebuilding. Your stock or equipment can also be replaced under additional coverage. So, you can get contents insurance or buildings insurance or both to be properly covered. 

Our team can help you understand what type of property insurance you need and get your property covered from risks like fire, flooding or burst pipes. 

What is landlord insurance?

For properties you rent to tenants, you will need a specific type of insurance. Hence, landlord insurance is a type of property insurance for rental properties. This typically includes the same kind of protection as household insurance for residential covers, such as coverage for buildings and contents in a variety of situations. Additionally, commercial landlord insurance is available to cover commercially leased property. 

As brokers, we help landlords and businesses find suitable coverage for their specific properties. 

What does property insurance include?

Generally, property insurance covers the risk of damages caused by fire, theft, storms, lightning and other similar damages. Some covers may exclude losses due to earthquakes, acts of war like terrorism and other similar events.

At Radius, we understand the requirement for appropriate property insurance and can help you get the cover you need.

Standard property insurance may cover:

  1. Buildings
  2. Stock
  3. Contents
  4. Machinery

Why choose us?

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    We liaise with our panel of insurers to find you covers that are tailored to your business’ unique needs.

  • Expert teams

    We have been trading since 2007 and cover businesses of all sizes.

  • Additional services

    We can combine other Radius services to include wider products and services such as telematics, telecoms and vehicle leasing.

Need help finding suitable coverage?

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Our team of dedicated experts will take you through the process of setting up your new property insurance policy from quote to inception. We will also be here to offer any advice or help you may need after you have taken out your policy with us.