Claims Management

From making a claim through to settlement, we will guide you to the right team to help you every step of the way.

Our commitment to claims management

Making a claim on your insurance can be a stressful experience. Our aim is to keep the process as simple as we can, supporting you when you need it most.
Your policy documents set out the process and contact details to make a claim. However, our team can assist in routing your call to ensure your claim is effectively handled.
We are committed to working transparently and in your best interests, with tools available to help with the quick and accurate recording of claims when you report them, to enable rapid settlement and protect your claims history.

Improve your approach to claims management

For some businesses, claims are an unavoidable aspect of trading. We understand that when things go wrong, it slows your business down. That could be through losing the use of a vehicle, forcing the closure of your premises, or simply the time spent processing the claim.

Through effective claims management, we can help you reduce the impact when making a claim and following up on its progress.

Improve fleet claims through telematics

Telematics can be a game-changing tool to reduce the impact of fleet claims, helping you to:

  • Utilise dashcams to resolve disputes quickly
  • Analyse driver behaviour to lessen the likelihood of accidents
  • Track assets and vehicles for rapid retrieval should you fall victim to theft or loss

If you are a business that finds yourself in a position of making multiple claims, investing in telematics can mitigate your future risk. This can lower your premiums and reduce the headache that claims can bring. Speak to our team for information on telematics for your business.