HGV fleet insurance  

Insure all your HGVs on one policy. Specialised, easy to manage protection for all HGV fleets.

What is HGV fleet insurance?

HGV fleet insurance insures multiple vehicles in one policy. This gives your whole fleet one renewal date, and makes it easy to add or remove vehicles or drivers.
Having a suitable level of insurance is required under UK law. Our team have years of experience in HGV insurance. Get a specialised HGV insurance policy for peace of mind today.

What are the different types of HGV fleet insurance?

The three main types of fleet insurance for HGVs are third party only, third party, fire and theft, and fully comprehensive cover.

  • Third party only: cover for damage to third party persons and other vehicles. The minimum level required for all HGV fleets
  • Third party, fire and theft: third party protection and ability to make a claim if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire
  • Fully comprehensive: all of the above and coverage for your own drivers and vehicles

Alongside vehicle cover, you can arrange insurance for your freight in transit, warehousing, employers’ and public liability, and more.
Our expert team offers a range of HGV insurance types. Choose the type of cover you prefer and protect your vehicles now.

What does fleet insurance for HGVs include?

HGV fleet insurance can include a wide range of cover specifically for your business designed to protect your fleet in various circumstances. Fleet HGV insurance is essential to give your business suitable protection in the event of an accident, claims, or other circumstance.

Our team here at Radius Insurance Solutions have years of experience covering HGV fleets. Get in touch now to find a suitable policy for your fleet and protect your business.

  • Claims management cover
  • Optional European cover
  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Own goods or hire and reward usage options
  • Personal effects cover
    Legal cover
  • Breakdown cover (subject to policy)
  • Introductory discounts
  • Any driver cover options

Should I get HGV fleet insurance?

If your business has three or more HGVs, then fleet insurance can be a more convenient option than insuring all vehicles on a separate policy. If you have less than three vehicles, consider single HGV insurance instead.

Benefits of fleet insurance for HGVs

  1. One insurance policy for multiple vehicles
  2. Suitable for mixed fleets of different vehicle types
  3. One policy renewal date
  4. Can be cheaper than insuring all vehicles separately

How much does HGV fleet insurance cost?

How much your fleet insurance costs depends on the vehicle types you have, driver history, annual fleet mileage and more. See how much you could pay for fleet insurance by getting a quote now.

Does HGV fleet insurance cover any driver?

HGV fleet policies will typically include named drivers who have the correct entitlement to drive the vehicles on the policy. If you require any driver cover, this can be more expensive, where it is available. Please speak to us about your individual requirements, and we will search for a policy to meet your needs.

Why choose us?

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  • Additional services

    We can combine other Radius services to include wider products and services such as telematics, telecoms and vehicle leasing.

Not sure which cover you require?

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