Landlord Insurance

Rent your properties with peace of mind. Get insurance specifically designed for landlords of residential or commercial property.

What is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance provides protection specifically designed for properties that are let for profit. For residential property, this typically includes cover for buildings, and can be extended for landlord contents left in situ . Residential landlord insurance can cover a range of properties, from individual houses to HMOs and blocks of flats. Commercial landlord insurance is also available, to cover buildings let for commercial use.

Extra cover you may need as a landlord includes:

  • Damage to your property (by the tenant) 
  • Loss of earnings/rehousing costs if your tenants need to be relocated (following an insured event) 
  • Liability for incidents involving the property that result in third-party damage or injuries 

Do you need Landlord Insurance?

If you’re the owner of a property you rent out, you need to consider landlord insurance. For residential property, if you have a buy-to-let mortgage, your lender may specify that you need insurance in place. And, particularly if you are leasing commercial property, the cost of repairing or replacing your buildings could be significant, so it pays to have insurance to cover unexpected circumstances.


Particularly with residential property, some landlords don’t appreciate the need for specific insurance. A standard home buildings or contents policy won’t consider the potential risks that landlords face, and with a typical home insurance policy, you may be uninsured should damage or loss be incurred while tenants are in situ. Speaking to a broker who understands the different types of insurance you may require, and can explain why you need them, could prove invaluable should something go wrong.

How can we help?

We liaise with our panel of up to 120 insurers to find a suitable policy for you and your business. We are experts in our field and we’re not tied to any one company.
Our aim is to find you competitive cover and deliver a quality broking service. Compare landlord insurance and find appropriate cover from our panel of insurers.

Why choose us?

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    We liaise with our panel of up to 120 insurers to find you covers that are tailored to your business’ unique needs.

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Not sure which cover you require?

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