Same Day Courier Network

You could save money on your insurance with Same Day Courier Network partnership

Radius Insurance is partnered with Same Day Courier Network

Same Day Courier Network and Radius Insurance Solutions have set up a partnership to provide comprehensive courier van insurance for members at a competitive rate with an exclusive £100 discount*.

Radius Insurance Solutions are experts in courier insurance and insure over 8,000 clients across the UK so are well placed to help with your insurance requirements.

We can offer courier van insurance with:

  1. Hire and reward cover as standard
  2. Flexible cover to allow you take on extra jobs in addition to your existing courier contracts
  3. Operating in the UK and Europe
  4. Unlimited Mileage & delivery options

  1. Flexible payment plans
  2. Goods in transit cover from £85 per year
  3. Cover available for vehicles up to 44tons
  4. Cover for Courier, Haulage & Removals
  5. Private car and Commercial van bonus discounts

Our experts are on hand

Radius is has an expert courier team on hand to help you get the cover you need quickly and without fuss. Our team only deal with couriers and have specialist markets designed to suit your requirements. Quotations can be quick and cover placed immediately if required.

Not only can we save you money on insurance, we can also help you save money on fuel through our Same Day Courier Network partnership on fuel cards with our UK Fuels division.

Simply complete the form and we will call you to run through your quotation.

*£100 will be provided after the policy has been on cover for 30 days